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Time Management – Time Distribution

Posted by c-Systems Software

Jun 27, 2014 8:35:47 AM

Today I will be covering the third and final installment of the c-Systems Time Management blog series.  The feature:  Time Distribution.  This feature, along with Shop Scheduling and Mechanic’s Schedule, comprise the Time Management feature found in the Infinity business management system.

First, let us review last week’s blog topic:  the Mechanic’s Schedule.  This feature works as a time clock for each of your mechanics and records when they clock in and out of each of their assigned shop jobs.  These recorded starting and ending times are now seen as time cards that can then be “distributed” to the repair orders.

This is where the Time Distribution feature comes in, it is the final step in the “Time Management Process.”  In Time Distribution you can review all of the repair orders that were completed in the Mechanic’s Schedule feature, as well as their corresponding time cards.  Ultimately, you will assign these time cards with their related labor charges to action items on the completed repair orders.  This will indicate the Actual Time that was needed to complete the shop jobs and will allow you to bill out your invoices.

First, to go to the Time Distribution feature in Infinity, click on Repair Orders > Time Management > Time Distribution in the main menu.  Along the left hand side of the screen you will find a list of open Invoices.  It is here that the light bulb colors used in the two previous features come back into play.  Each invoice will have either a green, yellow, or red light bulb next to it.  Below, you will find a table showing you what each colored light bulb means for each section of the Time Distribution screen:


Choose a repair order from the list provided on the left hand side of the screen by clicking on it with your cursor.  This will display the open repair order in the Invoice Detail section of the screen and show any related time cards in the Time Cards section below it.  If you have the Automatic Update to Repair Order option setup in System Configuration, you will see three buttons at the bottom of the screen labeled:  Try, Apply, and Cancel.  You will also see a Proposed column in the Labor line of the repair order as well.  Otherwise, you will not see these buttons or column and you have to apply a Labor line, as well as the time cards, manually to the action items in the open repair order.


To preview Actual Time on the repair order before you post it to the Labor line, click on the Try button.  The total time from your time card(s) will appear in the Proposed column for review before finalizing it to the action item.  If the Proposed Time is correct and you want to finalize it to the action item, click the Apply button.  To clear the Proposed Time for any reason, click on the Cancel button.

Finally there are four buttons that can be found in the bottom right hand corner of the screen labeled:  Refresh, Labor, Reset, and Close.  The Refresh button refreshes the screen to see any changes that were made but aren’t showing up.  The Labor button allows you to add labor charges to an action item on an open repair order.  The Reset button clears all errors or changes made off of the screen and the Close button closes the Time Distribution section of Infinity.




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Improving Warranty Claim Turnaround Times

Posted by c-Systems Software

Feb 28, 2014 9:56:52 AM


Recently, on the Farm Equipment Magazine Website, the topic of warranty claim turnaround times was explored by Marcellus Cubit, Centralized Warranty Clerk at Champlain Valley Equipment (headquartered in Middlebury, Vt.). We all know that submitting warranty claims can be time consuming and costly if not handled properly. c-Systems Software's Joe Miller shares his experience with handling warranty claims and how we are actively working to improve the process for our dealers:

"After listening to the video series on warranty claims I wanted to put in my 2 cents. I am an ex-dealer and now the marketing director for c-Systems Software. One of my worst headaches, as a dealer, was completing and keeping track of warranty claims with the various manufacturers I carried. Not to mention the hassles I encountered trying to get paid for these claims. I have also attended a great many dealer meeting over the years and the one complaint I consistently hear is that dealers want their business management systems to be able to automatically transmit warranty claims to their equipment vendors. They deplore manually keying or filling out warranty claim forms when all of the information is readily available within their business system. 

So over the last several years I've taken on the mission at c-Systems to coordinate development of automated warranty claims transmission with each of the AG and OPE vendors. I never would have believed that this task would be so arduous. What most surprises me is the total disinterest from many of the industry’s major manufacturers. Even so we, meaning c-Systems, see this task as something that must be accomplished in order to relieve dealers much of the burden of warranty claims submission.

Fortunately, we do seem to be making headway and have been able to obtain warranty flat rate files from quite a few vendors and we recently announced the implementation of automated warranty claims transmission for Ariens and Gravely products. We continue to actively pursue automated warranty claims transmission with other manufacturers, but to be blunt, many vendors don’t seem too interested in making this process easier for the dealer. I could go into reasons why, but I think dealers already understand that. 

Ultimately, it is going to be up to each dealer to voice his complaints directly to his equipment vendors about warranty claims submission, so that as an industry, we finally automate this process and develop ways to make it easier for the dealer to submit and be paid for his warranty claims." 

Joe Miller 
c-Systems Software, Inc.

See more at: http://farm-equipment.com/pages/Dealership-Minds-2014-Video-Marcellus-Cubit-Cutting-the-Turnaround-Time-on-Warranties.php#sthash.vglUZ6m8.dpuf

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