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January 13th, 2016 c-Systems and KPM Exceptional LLC Webinar

Posted by Sophie Platt

Jan 15, 2016 10:49:10 AM


On January 13th, we had our first webinar of 2016! This free webinar was sponsored by c-Systems Software, Inc. and KPM Exceptional LLC. The response to this webinar greatly exceeded our expectations, as the attendee limit was reached within a few minutes of starting!

Jesse Hellyer, Director of IT and Marketing Technology at KPM discussed the Purchase Order Process and its importance in your dealership. Jesse explained that something so simple and frequent in daily operations also means that it can be costly and time consuming if not completed properly. We also had Ned Gardner, salesman from c-Systems, discuss Vendor Stock Check and Product Warranty Registration procedures. As Ned has had over 30 years of background in the computer software business, he’s seen the old ways versus the new ways of completing these tasks. He posed the question: are your business processes up to date?

Most importantly, we had one of our Infinity business system users and c-Systems’ customer for more than 20 years, Don Stewart, owner of Stewarts Power Equipment speak about Rebates. This was a great opportunity for dealers to see a business owner speak from experience on the importance of rebates. Don showed the importance of rebates and how they not only benefit your dealership’s revenue, but that they are an effective marketing tool for your business and appreciated by your customers as well.

The feedback c-Systems and KPM received from attendees of this webinar was outstanding! The positive reviews shared by phone calls and email was greatly appreciated by the staffs of both c-Systems and KPM. If you weren’t able to attend, you can view the webinar HERE. Additionally, if you would like the Webinar PowerPoint Slides or Webinar Synopsis, just click either of those links to download.

We look forward to hosting our next webinar in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!

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c-Systems Software, Inc. Announces the Release of Infinity 5.0

Posted by Joe Miller

Jul 27, 2011 7:51:15 AM

c-Systems, the leader in business management systems designed for Outdoor Power Equipment dealers, is proud to announce the release of version 5.0 of their Infinity Business Management System. The best software in the industry is now even better. Included in this latest version are numerous features designed to save valuable time and increase dealer profits. Infinity has gained significant improvements across the board, featuring much simplified multi-store reporting, user defined repair status codes, increased functionality to scheduling processes and many new enhancements to the information panel displays.

Also, in partnership with Toro and Exmark, c-Systems has recently finished development on a completely new EZ-Link interface. This new c-Systems EZ-Link integration features a very simple and easier installation procedure.

Dealers integrating EZ-Link with their c-Systems business management system will eliminate two very time-consuming tasks by automatically:

  • Register Toro and Exmark equipment for warranty.
  • Enrolling dealers in most Toro and Exmark rebate programs, eliminating the need to gather data and fill out forms requesting reimbursement.
  • Plus, look for future EZ-Link enhancements to include electronic Warranty Claim Transmission from within your c-Systems business management system!

The new c-Systems EZ-Link interface controls access and maintains absolute data security so that only specific information regarding registration or rebate programs is sent to Toro or Exmark.

The EZ-Link application and support is free to all Toro and Exmark dealers who use a compatible c-Systems Software business system.

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c-Systems Software to Attend Stihl Northwest Dealer Meeting Trade Show

Posted by Joe Miller

Dec 13, 2010 3:25:25 PM

c-Systems Software has been invited to display at the upcoming Stihl Northwest dealer meeting to be held on Saturday Feb. 19, 2011. Approximately 140 dealers will be attending.

c-Systems Software, Inc., is a leading provider of business management systems, supplying cutting-edge technology for the outdoor power equipment, agricultural and powersports industries since 1983. We offer software, hardware and full-service, turnkey solutions for dealers and distributors in these industries. Our mission is to provide solutions that increase efficiency, deliver more value and enable our customers to become more profitable.

For more information about c-Systems Software, please visit our Web site atwww.csystemssoftware.com.

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c-Systems Invited by Toro & Exmark to Display at GIE-Expo

Posted by Joe Miller

Oct 25, 2010 2:06:56 PM

c-Systems has been invited to display our business management systems at the Toro and Exmark booths during GIE-Expo, Oct 28 - 30. Jim Archut and Joe Miller will be occupying the Exmark and Toro booths respectively with presentation that features Toro's new EZ-link integration. Both Jim and Joe will be available to answer questions and talk about EZ-Link and our c-Systems business systems products.

c-Systems main booth at GIE-Expo will have sales and management personnel available to answer questions and demonstrate our business management systems. Personnel attending will be : Steve Stinson - President, c-Systems Software, Bob Senger - Consultant (Former President, Softpower Software) , Ned Gardner - Sales Representative, Michael Strausser - Sales Representative, Pam Marsden - Sales Representative (Former Sales, Softpower Software), and Gary McDuffee - Customer Service Manager.

This year marks several firsts for c-Systems. Not only will we have presentations at the Toro and Exmark booths; we will also have our new c-Systems booth on display. This is marks the first time for our new combined c-Systems and Softpower companies to attend a trade show together too.

c-Systems will be at booth 7004, Toro's booth 7192 and Exmark's booth 7094. Please drop by and see us.

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Softpower Business Solutions Acqusition - What does this mean?

Posted by Joe Miller

Mar 5, 2010 2:08:13 PM

With the acquisition of Softpower Business Solutions, c-Systems will become one of the largest providers of business management systems in the Outdoor Power Equipment industry and will substantially strengthen our presence in the Powersports industry. This merger will bring together complimentary products that fit well together and offer modules that were not available from individual companies.

As a combined company, we will have a customer base of approximately 1500 dealers and distributors, doing business in 49 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The combined company will employ approximately 50 people, including all of the SoftPower staff. Technologically, the new company will have the largest and finest programming staff of any software company serving your industry. This statement carries over to our combined support staff as well.

We believe this merger offers our customers many important benefits. SoftPower and c-Systems have been competing in the same markets for more than 20 years. Because our markets are the same, there is a great deal of synergy between the two organizations. By combining, we are able to create a stronger, more robust, and efficient organization. All of this translates into more valuable support and services for our customers.

We have already begun the process of streamlining and enhancing customer support services. We are already in the process of adding modules to the SoftPower products that were designed by c-Systems to enhance customers support services to their customers. We realize that if a problem arises, you need it fixed in as little time and with as little aggravation as possible.

While the programs provided by SoftPower and c-Systems were designed for many of the same markets, there are differences in the programs scope and design. As a customer of the combined company you will have access to all of the modules and software developed originally by either company. With the acquisition, Softpower customers will have access to c-Systems programs at a significantly reduced rate. The same rate that current c-Systems customers would pay for the programs or upgrades. Likewise c-Systems customers will have access to Softpower programs and upgrades at the same prices as current SoftPower customers.

While discounts are great things to receive, Softpower and c-Systems customers will derive the most benefit from future software enhancements and new products yet to come. By sharing resources and ideas and combining the best features from each company’s software, we can create unbeatable business management solutions that exceed the capabilities of either company’s original products.

We also want to assure all our current and prospective customers that our business continues without any interruption or loss of quality. As we work through this process, we will keep you informed at every step along the way. We look forward to getting your feedback and suggestions as we start this very exciting journey.

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Posted by Joe Miller

Mar 4, 2010 1:39:06 PM

ARLINGTON, Texas (March 4, 2010) -- c-Systems Software, Inc., a leading provider of business management systems for the outdoor power equipment, powersports and agricultural industries, announces the acquisition of Softpower Business Solutions.

The combination of c-Systems and Softpower creates the largest, most technologically advanced business system vendor in the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry.

“Sharing technology, uniting resources and eliminating duplication of effort will produce a company more focused, adept and agile,” c-Systems co-founder, CTO and CFO Jim Phelan said. “The end result becomes a huge win for both companies, our customer base and the industries we serve,”

Effective April 1, the combined companies will continue their traditions of quality, innovation and industry leadership for the benefit of their current and prospective customers.

“Both companies have a long and proud history of providing the finest in dealer management systems and both are considered to be the premier companies in this marketplace,” c-Systems president Steven Stinson said.

Softpower president Bob Senger said he looks forward to combining efforts with c-Systems in order to create a more efficient organization. We have already begun the process of enhancing customer support services,” he said.

Beginning in April, c-Systems will rebrand Connect-based Softpower’s programs as Softpower by c-Systems and SoftBiz by c-Systems.

c-Systems Software, Inc., is a leading provider of business management systems, supplying cutting-edge technology for the outdoor power equipment, agricultural and powersports industries since 1983. We offer software, hardware and full-service, turnkey solutions for dealers and distributors in these industries. Our mission is to provide solutions that increase efficiency, deliver more value and enable our customers to become more profitable.

For more information about c-Systems Software, please visit our Web site at www.csystemssoftware.com.

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Phelp’s Outdoor Power Equipment, Fritz Holzer – General Manager

“If another dealer were to ask me about business management systems, I would absolutely recommend c-Systems.  I’d tell them, ‘Buy it.  It’s money well spent.’  Actually we’ve already promoted c-Systems and helped someone buy your system.”

Burleson Outdoor Power Equipment, Wayne Shamblin – Owner

"Ten years ago, my accountant unexpectedly passed away on Memorial Day weekend.  He was a main user of the system at our business and I felt lost without him.  But for two weeks straight after the incident, I received outstanding help from your support.  They helped me complete all of my daily tasks and answered any questions I had.  I felt that they were very understanding and patient, as well as knowledgeable and nice. c-Systems support is Bar-None the best support I’ve seen."

Chad Little Outdoor Power Equipment, Bruce Weeks

"Not having a separate accounting software and business system has helped a lot and made it easier to manage my business.  Having my system all in one place has helped with entry errors, managing my wholegoods, and overall has made my life a lot easier.

The Automated Warranty Claims feature saves a lot of time and keeps us from having to enter the information twice.  Learning about new lines coming out for this feature is great to hear and makes me excited!

I love the Product Registrations feature."

Bossier Power Equipment, Charlie Williamson – Owner 

"I did research before I started looking for a new business system partner, and saw that most of the best dealers in the country, were using c-Systems Infinity.  After talking to a lot of them, I knew that for me to grow my business to another level, I would need a system and partner like c-Systems."

Clay’s Power Equipment, Jerry Clay – Owner

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