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c-Systems Announces ARI Dealer Website eCommerce Integration

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Aug 1, 2016 2:48:05 PM

ARI eCommerce integration added to c-Systems premier Infinity Business Management System

ARLINGTON, Texas (August 1, 2016) – c-Systems Software, Inc., is proud to announce eCommerce integration with ARI-powered dealer websites as a highlight of the latest release of Infinity Business Management System.

Infinity now offers even more tools for success with its eCommerce integration with ARI-powered dealer websites.  Dealers can now capitalize on new sales opportunities through their existing website and manage orders through the Infinity Business Management System.  Orders processed through ARI-powered dealer websites are posted into Infinity’s Internet Orders Panel where dealers can view and manage the order for fulfillment and shipping.  With the addition of this new feature dealers will have an added, simple method for order processing that will minimize issues with order proficiency and eliminate keying errors resulting in increased dealership profits. 

Fully optimized for search engines and mobile browsing, ARI-powered dealer websites offer industry-exclusive features including enriched OEM and aftermarket brochures and parts catalogs, a merchandise manager that allows dealers to display their inventory, service scheduling tools and eCommerce.  For more information about ARI Network Services, Inc., and the services they provide, go to http://arinet.com.

ARI’s Dealer Website eCommerce Integration is an optional* service that streamlines the online ordering process through your website. 

c-Systems’ Infinity Business Management System is a powerful, easy-to-use Windows®-based solution that employs innovative technology to support the industry-specific features needed to handle every aspect of your business.

Since 1983, c-Systems Software, Inc. has become the leading provider of business management systems for the Outdoor Power Equipment, Agricultural and Powersports industries. c-Systems provides cutting-edge solutions that increase efficiency, deliver more value and enable our customers to become more profitable.

For more information about c-Systems Software, please visit our website at www.csystemssoftware.com.

*Fee’s may apply

Contact: Joe Miller

Phone: 817-649-3100

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What our customer's have to say about us:

"I like how Infinity fits our business and I feel that it was designed for what we do in our business, which is OPE.  I also liked that it was full of features and had in-house employee training as well.  Your system was designed with OPE in mind and wasn’t just a simple, generic solution for our company."

Phelp’s Outdoor Power Equipment, Fritz Holzer – General Manager

“If another dealer were to ask me about business management systems, I would absolutely recommend c-Systems.  I’d tell them, ‘Buy it.  It’s money well spent.’  Actually we’ve already promoted c-Systems and helped someone buy your system.”

Burleson Outdoor Power Equipment, Wayne Shamblin – Owner

"Ten years ago, my accountant unexpectedly passed away on Memorial Day weekend.  He was a main user of the system at our business and I felt lost without him.  But for two weeks straight after the incident, I received outstanding help from your support.  They helped me complete all of my daily tasks and answered any questions I had.  I felt that they were very understanding and patient, as well as knowledgeable and nice. c-Systems support is Bar-None the best support I’ve seen."

Chad Little Outdoor Power Equipment, Bruce Weeks

"Not having a separate accounting software and business system has helped a lot and made it easier to manage my business.  Having my system all in one place has helped with entry errors, managing my wholegoods, and overall has made my life a lot easier.

The Automated Warranty Claims feature saves a lot of time and keeps us from having to enter the information twice.  Learning about new lines coming out for this feature is great to hear and makes me excited!

I love the Product Registrations feature."

Bossier Power Equipment, Charlie Williamson – Owner 

"I did research before I started looking for a new business system partner, and saw that most of the best dealers in the country, were using c-Systems Infinity.  After talking to a lot of them, I knew that for me to grow my business to another level, I would need a system and partner like c-Systems."

Clay’s Power Equipment, Jerry Clay – Owner

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